restarting spring 2023

Road work will begin after snow melts this spring as Tioga reaches the home stretch of updating our sewer and water lines. Currently, Tioga is 95% complete with updating the pipes from the 1950s.  The most recent updates started in 2011. 

The original pipes were made of cast iron and lead and are being replaced with PVC pipes. 

Moore Engineering Inc. will continue with its work once the snow melts. Construction will generally be between 7:00 pam and 7:00 pm Monday - Friday. In addition, temporary water service pipes will once again be installed above ground and connected to house bibs at houses. 

Traffic control barricades will be placed to protect both travelers and workers. 

Isolated street closers will occur as work progresses. Roadways will re-open with a temporary gravel surface until they are paved. Contractors will make every attempt to provide access to your home. Please be patient as we continue with this project. 

Chuck Crawford will be the onsite Resident Project Representative through the construction and can be reached at 701-329-6801 to discuss concerns relating to the construction. 

project highlights

Northeast Reconstruction Phase II

Replacement of
  • water mains and services
  • sanitary sewer mains
  • storm sewer

Reconstruction of 
  • roadway 
  • sidewalks 
  • topsoil
  • grass 

Water commissioner 

Streets commissioner 

Community Service Director