a small town where big things are happening

A small town where big things happen. 

Located in the heart of the Bakken oil field and surrounded by farmland, Tioga is the oil capital of North Dakota. Tioga has grown by 63% since 2010 and is home to one of the most extensive natural gas processing and fractionation facilities in North Dakota. 

Tioga is home to the Tioga Fund, which supports economic and community development, recreation, and parks and provides property tax relief. 

Tioga, North Dakota

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The Tioga Economic Development Office is a department housed within the City of Tioga and overseen by the Tioga Board of City Commissioners.

Tioga Economic Development

Facilitate, lead, and promote a vibrant business climate through sound economic policy.


Tioga Economic Development will be the development leader by establishing Tioga as a recognized, desirable, sustainable, and business-friendly place in North Dakota for diverse industries to locate and conduct business.


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The City of Tioga is currently looking for a new Economic Development Director. If you are interested in applying for this position please contact City Hall at 701-664-2807 to request an application or email auditor@cityoftioga.com. 

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