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The general purpose of the City Visitors’ Promotion Fund is to promote, encourage, and attract visitors to come to the city and use the travel and tourism facilities within the city. 

Visitor promotion is funded with the 2% occupancy tax (hotel tax). 

Grants are available for non-profit organizations that:

  •  Promote City of Tioga Tourism 

  • Use of Travel and Tourism Facilities

Grants to for-profit organizations are only eligible under special circumstances where it can be shown that the activity overwhelmingly meets the purposes of the fund.

What The visitor Promotion has supported in the past

Visitor Promotion

Tioga Golf Course 

Freedom Fest 

Farm Festival 

City of Tioga

Tioga Parks District 

Chamber of Commerce 

Tioga Historical Society 

Tioga American Legion Post 139 

Maggie Albrecht 

Vice President 
Judy Odegaard 

Secretary / Treasure 
Ronica Pederson 

Board Members
Ronda Davidson 
Patti Beck 
Open Position 

Applications can be sent to

Interested applicants for the open position can drop off a Letter of Interest to City Hall to be put before the Commission