starting spring 2023

The City of Tioga is excited to announce that construction will soon begin on a natural trail around the Tioga Dam, providing a fantastic opportunity for people of all ages to engage in healthy and enjoyable recreational activities. With a focus on safe, accessible, and low- or no-cost activities like cycling, walking, hiking, jogging, and skating, this project will help residents incorporate exercise into their daily routines.

The trail will open up more public land, previously inaccessible to users, and convert some of the natural areas to create spaces for recreation, sports, and fishing habitats. The addition of the walking path, benches, picnic tables, and trees will provide a beautiful and tranquil environment to promote health and wellness.

This project also supports the conservation and revitalization of the Tioga Dam area, enhancing the recreational activities offered by our community for tourists and locals alike. As we strive to promote diversity and family-friendly activities, the walking path will change the perception of our community as a transit location to one that values the well-being of all ages.

We anticipate that the construction of the walking path will be completed by this fall, allowing outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy the natural history and scenic beauty of this area while creating beautiful memories. We are excited to invite everyone to explore this natural recreation area and take advantage of the many health benefits it has to offer.

project highlights

Tigoa Dam Reconstruction Project

Walking trail aprox 2.5 miles with current design 

Water to the campground 

Uncover and fix dam leak (if it exists) - under engineer review


Park benches 

Community Service Director

The peaceful valley campgrounds is also locateded at the Tioga Dam Click here to learn about the campground 

Grants Supporting the Project

Garrison Diversion Conservancy District $24,000

ND Forestry Service Grant $1,500

Trees have been ordered, this leads to a larger grant we could be eligible for up to $20,000 

State Water Commission Cost Share grant -$115,800

  • State will pay for 60% of feasibility study in the amount of $115,800
  • Leads to anther grant to help with construction

Heritage foundation grant $200,000

Check out the Bismarck Tribune's article on the Heritage Foundation Grant

Project Update

January 3, 2023 

February 6, 2023 

  • Wetland Evaluation will be completed during the 2023 Growing Season

  • Engineer recommended to complete a Class III Cultural Resources Management Survey part of which will include a Class III Archaeological Survey & Report

March 20, 2023 

  • City Attorney will review Cost Share Agreement with the State Water Commission

April 3, 2023

  • Once snow is gone work will continue forward
  • Engineering Study and Report Started

April 17, 2023

  • Surveying has started around the dam with the recent warm weather helping to melt snow

May 15, 2023

  • Topographic Survey complete
  • Field Work for Archaeological & Wetlands Complete

June 19, 2023

  • Emergency Action Plan Cost Share Agreement has been executed
  • Hydraulic Modeling of Existing Conditions Complete
  • Dam does NOT meet current Design Standards
  • Currently evaluating scenarios to bring Dam into compliance with Design Standards
  • Preliminary Trail Layout Complete
  • Currently holding off on further design due to Hydraulic Modeling results as there are likely to be impacts.

July 17, 2023

  • Meeting Scheduled for July 19 to discuss Hydraulic Modeling Results 
  • Trail project On Hold Until Further along with Hydraulic Analysis of Dam

August 7, 2023

  • Meeting Held July 25 (Moore, Commissioner Steele & Christianson) Hydraulic Modeling Results 
  • Three options were persented to get the dam up to the 1985 saftey standards. - 2023 saftey standards are out for public review, but have not been approved yet. As of right now Moore Engineering has been instructed by the state to follow the 1985 standards. 
  • It was determiened that no decisions would be made until the Geotechnical Work / Report were complete since those results may impact which option the commission may choose. 
  • Based on Results of Hydraulic Analysis we can proceed with portions of the trail design. Some areas will be held off on until further development of Dam Safety Improvements Study. 

August 21, 2023

  • Waiting on Geotechnical Work / Report 
  • Proceeding with Design of portion of trail along the Northern portion of the Dam Remainder of areas will be held off on until the Dam Safety Improvements Study is complete