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Tioga Fund Storefront Improvement Grant | Tioga, ND

March 3, 2023

Located in the heart of the Bakken oil field and surrounded by farmland, Tioga is the oil capital of North Dakota. Tioga has grown by 63% since 2010 and is home to one of the most extensive natural gas processing and fractionation facilities in North Dakota. 

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The Tioga Fund Storefront Improvement Grant is a grant offered to business in the City of Tioga, ND to help offset the cost of improvements made to the outside of their building. Below are the official requirements of the grant program.

  • Application must be approved by Tioga Fund Advisory Board and City Commission before the commencement of the project.
  • The Tioga Fund will match 50% of Store Front Improvements to applicant/business, with a maximum match up to $5000.00.
  • Business must be a permanent building in a Commercial Zone within the City of Tioga to be applicable.
  • Improvements must be permanent fixtures to the building and visible from the Store Front (such as paint, siding, doors, windows, roof, signs, lighting, etc.)
  • Reimbursement is paid out in one lump sum with proof of paid receipts and paid invoices after the Store Front project is completed. Personal labor may not be included.
  • Applicant will have 1 year from the date of approval, to submit receipts for reimbursement. Applicant may request an extension for Grant Project or may reapply after the application expires.
  • Applicant/Business is eligible for the Store Front Grant maximum 1 time per grant period.

Past recipients of the Storefront Improvement Grant

A&B rentals

Norman Wonser Estate (kick and fit building)

ME:ND Bakery

Ole & Leana Hobby House

Red Moose Coffee Hus

AJ Cafe

Just of Main

Model Tavern

The Tioga Fund Board

The Tioga Fund Advisory Board meets the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm at Tioga City Hall. Applications are due

Chair President
Myles Rosencrans 

Vice Chair
Nathan Germundson

Secretary Treasure 
Ronica Pederson 

Board Members 
Pat Alberts
Wendy Lenzen

Applications can be sent to

Ronica Pederson

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