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Job Posting: Admin Assistant | Tioga Police Department UPDATE- job filled

March 3, 2023

Located in the heart of the Bakken oil field and surrounded by farmland, Tioga is the oil capital of North Dakota. Tioga has grown by 63% since 2010 and is home to one of the most extensive natural gas processing and fractionation facilities in North Dakota. 

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The position has been filled.

Job Title: Tioga Police Department Administrative Assistant

Company: Tioga Police Department


  • High School Diploma/GED
  • US Citizen
  • Valid ND Drivers License
  • Human Resources or Prior Administration Experience Preferred
  • Must not have any prior criminal convictions barring applicant from obtaining secure law enforcement database credentials (CJIS, NCIC)


  • $22.00 per hour starting
  • full single/family medical insurance coverage
  • employee vision and dental
  • various city benefits to include paid holidays
  • NDPERS retirement

To Apply:

Contact Tioga City Auditor Abby Salinas at 701-664-2807 ext 3 for an application. Completed applications, cover letters, and resumes must be returned to Abby at

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