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Job Posting: Laborer | KS Industries, Tioga, ND

March 3, 2023

Located in the heart of the Bakken oil field and surrounded by farmland, Tioga is the oil capital of North Dakota. Tioga has grown by 63% since 2010 and is home to one of the most extensive natural gas processing and fractionation facilities in North Dakota. 

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Position Description: A Laborer assists crew leader, equipment operator, crane operator and/or welder to accomplish daily task which consist of a variety of manual labor functions and duties.

Company: KS Industries, LP

Essential Job Functions

1. Regular and reliable attendance.

2. Prepared and on time for scheduled shift with proper PPE.

3. Responsible for Daily Shift validations.

4. Engage in morning safety tailgate meeting and communicate safety topic with crew when needed.

5. Perform and fill out pre-trip vehicle inspection before leaving the yard, check all fluids/tires/lights/ and all signs as listed on pre-trip.

6. Perform monthly tool audits on equipment and ensure compliance (vehicle registration/ fire extinguisher).

7. Follow and/or complete the Detailed Daily Work Plan (DDWP) and ensure crew actively participates, knows and follows each procedure.

8. Help identify hazards on the job site by being aware of the dangers associated with hazardous atmospheres.

9. Perform tasks assigned by PLW or Foreman like; mitigate or eliminate hazards on the job site, dig ditches, clean up spills and stand fire watch, buff and grind as needed for Welder.

10. Learn proper use and maintenance of various tools; gas monitors, two-way radios, basic hand tools, lifting, rigging and binding equipment, shovels, slings etc.

11. Be actively involved in Behavioral Safety Process.

12. Develop knowledge of KSI PPM-SOPs and refer to the SOP Manual prior to each task.

13. Follow all KS Industries, LLC safety, and customer policies and procedures.

14. Shall perform all physical and mental requirements listed.

Additional Information

Position Requirements Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities • Ability to read and write in English • Ability to comprehend and communicate instructions in English • Ability to communicate with employees and various business partners in a professional and courteous manner. • Knowledge of Lock Out/ Tag Out process • Knowledge of Stop Work Authority (SWA) • Knowledge of technology (iPads, cellphones etc.) • Ability to complete training for Behavioral Safety Process • Ability to read a tape measure • Ability to recognize and use hand and power tools • Ability to demonstrate basic construction safety rules • Ability to work in confined spaces for long periods at a time • Ability to be clean shaven to wear supplied air mask and work at high elevated platforms • Ability to assist crane operations as a swamper Education and Experience Preferably 1-2 years of related industry experience (6 months minimum) along with knowledge of tools. Physical & Mental Requirements Less than 1% 1% to 33% 34% to 65% 66% to 100% Lifting/Pulling/Jerking/Grasping/Raising/Lowering: Must be able to lift, grasp up to 50 lbs. with the use of fingers, palm and wrists to hold and/or manipulate objects (hammers, saws, pencils, pens etc.) Must be able to raise and lower objects from one level to another. X Squatting/Twisting/Bend/Reaching/Stooping/Squatting/Kneeling: Must be able to twist, squat, kneel and bend in various positions with or without object.

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